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  • Elizabeth Thompson

MooMoo Dev Log 3


The maze for level 2 is complete! I'm so tired of looking at hedges, but I still have three levels left to go.

Along with the maze map in the corner of the screen, I might add an option (or power-up) that allows the player to see the route that needs taking. Maybe it could be a time-based power or an option in the settings... Not sure yet. I don't want the mazes to be too difficult.

I also bought some scroll assets from the Unity Asset Store that I'm planning to either use as a placeholder until I get my own made, or I'll be using them in the game. Not sure yet.

The scrolls will be used for hints, (maybe for that map power-up), as well as be recipes/blueprints that the player can find in order to build new things on their farm.

Tha'ts all I have for this update.



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