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Here at Plantser Productions, We Fly by the Seat of our pants, always keeping a map in our back pocket.

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We Are Plantser

Plantser Productions was founded in 2023 by Elizabeth Thompson. It is a sister company to ED Productions, also run by Elizabeth.

While ED Productions focuses on publishing all forms of written media--novels, comics, etc--here at Plantser we focus on digital media like video games and animated shows/films.

Although Plantser is run by one person, it takes an entire team of creative individuals to keep the company afloat. Plantser is constantly looking for creatives to work and grow with.

What We Are About

Mission Statment

Plantser aims to become a commission-based company with few full-time employees, allowing creatives to do what they do best: be creative.

Creativite Outlook

Here at Plantser we strive to keep creativity alive. Everyone has a voice and can offer input on projects at any time, making each game or animated feature a group effort.


We at Plantser love our joint and individual communities. Feedback from individuals is always appreciated and sought after. 

Meet the Founder

Lizz enjoys long walks on the beach, reading exciting stories, and staying up until after her bedtime watching scary movies.

Stories have always been something Lizz has enjoyed, be it books, movies, games, etc. It wasn't until she became an author that she discovered that the style of writing she did was called Plantsing--a combination of plotting and pantsing. She enjoyed the name so much that when she decided to make stories beyond just books, Plantser was her best bet.

Elizabeth Duivenvoorde
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